Housekeeping seems minor but leads to many accidents and injuries.
It is far easier to work safely in a clean, organized jobsite.

  • Keep work areas clear of debris that creates a tripping hazard.
  • Walkways to the work area must be clear. At least a 3-foot wide path.
  • Pay special attention to stairways, doorways, entrances and ladder access areas.
  • Keep them clear of debris and trip hazards. No material or tools stored on stairs and landings.
  • Route electrical cords to the side of walking paths and keep them out of doorways to avoid damage to the cord and trip hazards.
  • Nails in scrap lumber must be bent over or removed.
  • Floors, platforms, stairs, and landings must be free of ice, or other slippery conditions.
  • Stack materials safely. No higher than 2 pallets high and keep it level.
  • Have an adequate number of trash cans, and regularly dispose of the trash.

Special points of interest:

  • Keep cords out of walkways.Pay special attention to trip hazards around ladders and stairs.
  • Watch for slippery conditions and fix them before somebody gets hurt.

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